Jokes for Funny Kids 8 Year Olds - Love and Laughter

Ved Andrew Pinder; Amanda Learmonth

Welcome to this te he he-larious collection of the best jokes for 8-year-olds. In this book you will find over 300 hysterical jokes which will have you howling with laughter — from funny characters and historical howlers to tongue twisters and limericks. If these jokes don’t tickle your funny bone then nothing will. Don’t forget to share your favourites with your friends and family and practice your comic timing!

Anbefalet alder: 8+

Kategori: Books in English, Popular Books

Sprog: English (Great Britain)

Fortæller: Caren, Tellary IVS

Illustrator: Andrew Pinder

ISBN: 978-82-322-8964-6